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Calling all Barn Hunters!

SuperPup will be hosting a fun team game to benefit the National Canine Cancer Foundation at the May 4-5 (Cinco de Mayo) trial at Splashdown! Farm in Severn, MD. We are calling it the Cinco de Doggo game because, well, Quatro de Doggo would be silly! Here are the details:

5 dogs and their handlers (although some can do it without us!)

Cost is $20.00 per dog

1st place winners: Each dog/owner of the winning team earns a Cinco de Mayo toy PLUS a team split of 50% of the team fees (minus up to $75 to cover the cost of the prizes). The other 50% goes to the NCCF!!! And bragging rights – don’t forget the bragging rights for a full year! That’s worth a million pesos right there!

2nd and 3rd place winners: Each dog wins a Cinco de Mayo toy. But no bragging rights – sorry!

Interested? The rules are below:

To enter, please email Jan at with your team name, team members (dogs and people), what class level each dog runs in and let me know when you will be paying. I need to keep these funds separate from SuperPup’s income, so please write any checks to me directly (Jan Huff). If you are going to pay the weekend of the trial, please bring cash as I will need to pay the winners. Send checks/money orders to me at 8396 New Cut Road, Severn, MD 21144. DO NOT COMBINE YOUR $20.00 ENTRY FEE WITH YOUR BARN HUNT ENTRY FEES PLEASE.

The rules:

- You may choose any 5 dogs/handlers HOWEVER THE TEAM MUST INCLUDE ONE DOG THAT RUNS AT THE NOVICE/OPEN LEVEL. If in Novice A or Open A, it only has to be for 1 run so they can move up if they finish a title; if in the B class, they have to stay at that level all weekend per the BHA rules. There is no team hunting in this game – points are based on what the dog is already earning in Crazy 8s or assigned points for regular classes that they qualify in as noted below.

- Dogs may split a spot but only if they are only attending the trial for 1 day. Each dog must still pay the $20 fee, half of which will be used to defray the cost of the prizes or will be a direct donation to the NCCF. The other half will be thrown into the 50/50 pot.

- This is a point accumulation game with the highest pointed team winning. Jan will keep a record throughout the weekend after each class has been posted by the TS. The following points count (please note that these points are for this game only and do not affect your BH scores):

o All Crazy 8 points count as they are normally accrued EXCEPT any dogs that find exactly 5 rats will get an additional 5 points. In other words, if your dog tunnels/climbs/finds 4 rats, that is 60 points. If your dog tunnels/climbs/finds 5 rats, that is 75 points. Note that it is always better to find more than 5 rats, so think about this before you stop at 5.

o All Master A/B qualifying runs will earn 55 points (cinco, cinco). (It should be getting obvious by now that I don’t know any Spanish except for the word cinco!)

o All Senior A qualifying runs will earn 75 points; Senior B qualifying runs will earn 55 points. (This is to discourage people from sandbagging and entering their master dogs at a lower level.)

o All Open A/B and Novice B qualifying runs will earn 55 points.

o All Novice A qualifying runs will earn 65-1/5 points.

o Any dog that earns a HIC in any regular class (A or B) will earn an additional 1/5 point (.2).

o A 1st place in any regular class will earn an additional 5 points. A 2nd-4th placement in any level will earn an additional 1/5 point (.2).

o The dog that wins the Turtle Award for the weekend will earn an additional 25 points, if they are on a team.

- If there is a tie, we will have a run-off with 1 dog on each team (chosen by the teammates) using the rules for a run-off in the BHA rulebook (i.e., 1 rat, fastest time).

- Additional rules may be added, if necessary.

Come, join the fun and help raise some money for a good cause! If you want to play but don’t have a team, email me with your name, dog’s name, and what level they will be entered in and I will try to find you a team.

Questions? Email me at Hope to see you there!


Welcome to Superpup!!! If you have any questions, please send me (Jan) an email using the "Contact Us" link and I will get back to you in a day or so.

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2019 Barn Hunt Trials:

May 4-5 - open for regular entries until Apr. 19th
May 15 (Wednesday evening trial) - open for regular entries until May 5th
June 13 (Thursday evening trial) - opens for regular entries on May 1st
September 7-8
October 12-13
December 7-8

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