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CLASSES at Superpup, LLC

Here are the directions to Superpup, LLC at Splashdown! Farm

Weekly drop-in classes Drop-in classes are held most Wednesday and Thursday evenings (starting 6:30pm), and also during the day on Thursday (advanced start at 10:00am; Introductory/Beginner start at 11:00am). If you need to arrive late, please let us know. All dogs get individual ring time.

Introductory/Beginner usually get three ring times per class. Advanced usually get two ring times per class.

Each ring time can be a timed run-through, or a timed training session working on one or more skills.

Cost is $20 per class per dog, or $72 for a card covering 4 classes (any combination of dogs and days, the cards do not expire).
Bad weather policy Cancellations and changes to the schedule will be announced on the home page of this website.

Generally, if the temperature for 6pm is forecast to be less than 32 degrees or more than 90 degrees, classes are cancelled.
Private lessons Private lessons are by appointment only. Lessons cover all aspects of hunting for rats with your dog. If you are having tunnel troubles or need an introduction to rats, these classes might be for you.

Please contact Jan for details and to arrange a class
Seminars Superpup offers whole-day seminars for newcomers. They usually take place on a Saturday or Sunday, and are in a group of 6 to 10 people. Dogs still get individual time in the ring!

Please contact Jan for availability and details